Join the Newport Coast Moms Club Executive Board!

We are actively recruiting dynamic women for our new executive board! Please take a look at the job descriptions below and send us a note if you have any interest in any of the positions! The term of each office shall run for one year, concurrent with the fiscal year. Officers of a new support group which was formed after the start of the fiscal year shall hold office for the first partial fiscal year and the first complete fiscal year. And don't worry, the current member holding your position will mentor and shadow you until you feel comfortable!

Descriptions of the positions and approximate time commitments are below!

President / Co-President

(3-4 Hours per month)

This is a great one to share with a friend! To summarize, the Presidents are the ones responsible, but it’s also a lot of fun!  The Presidents guide the group’s activities.  If they are more interested in service or in getting important speakers to the meeting or increasing membership, the group will probably reflect that interest. 

The duties of the President and Co-President are as follows:

  • Presides at monthly board and business meetings.
  • Oversees general operation of club, its board members, committees and functions, and focuses club direction.
  • Sends out weekly reminders via email about activities planned for the week.
  • Ensures bylaws are communicated and followed by all members.
  • Acts as liaison with other area MOMS Clubs, organizations and local community.
  • Acts as main contact to MOMS Club International: provides monthly updates to coordinator, sends newsletters to 3 area coordinators, and prepares annual report for MOMS Club International. Only the primary president should be the contact here.
  • Reviews monthly newsletter.
  • Attends monthly member meeting.
  • Organizes a minimum of one calendar event per month.

VP of Membership

(1-3 Hours per month)

The Membership Vice President should be a “people person” by coordinating the publicity, hospitality, and fellowship of the group. She is one of the most important members of the Executive Board. This is another role that can be shared between two friends! For instance, one VP can handle all recruiting and new member responsibilities while the other works with renewals.

The duties of the Membership Vice President shall be:

  • Acts as the primary contact for community and people interested in MOMS Club. Responds to all emails to the moms club.
  • Coordinates hospitality and acts as primary greeter at monthly meetings.
  • Sends information packets to prospective Moms and New Members.
  • Maintains and updates roster and membership records in Mailchimp.
  • Notifies Board of new members and non-renewing members.
  • Provides list of upcoming renewals to Treasurer and Newsletter Editor.
  • Sends new members website password and ensures they are on the Mailchimp member list.
  • Gives dues to Treasurer.
  • Periodically follows up with inactive and non-renewing members.
  • Reviews monthly newsletter.
  • Attends monthly member meeting.
  • Publicize the group in the community, and to coordinate such publicity with the President who is the group's liaison with the community


(2-3 Hours per month)

The secretary is a helpful individual who keeps the board members on track throughout the year. She reminds them of past meetings where items were discussed and takes notes so that nobody else has to.  She is also the thankful heart behind all that we do.

The duties of the Secretary are as follows:

  • Takes minutes of the monthly and executive board meetings and keeps those minutes in an electronic archive available for review.
  • Prepares and distributes agendas for monthly board and business meetings.
  • Responsible for meeting preparations including assigning location, coordinating setup, and providing sign in sheets and appropriate handouts.
  • Prepares and sends thank you cards for all speakers and special guests.
  • Reviews monthly newsletter.
  • Attends monthly member meeting.

VP of Philanthropy

(2-3 Hours per month)

Do you love giving back? Have connections to organizations and resources in the area that would like to donate? This is a fulfilling opportunitiy to help our Moms Club thrive and give back to our community.

The duties of the VP of Philanthropy are as follows:

  • Research and Provide information of charities to board and club.

VP of Marketing

(2-3 Hours per month)

If you a marketing person at your current or previous job or you have some technical knowledge all the better, but neither is required. Basically our setup is very user friendly and if you are a creative person with some “Word” know-how this is the job for you!

The duties of the VP of Marketing are as follows:

  • Manages content and flow of all outbound communications, including web sites and electronic and print advertising; coordinating publicity with the President who is groups liaison with the community.
  • Manages content and flow of all internal communications, including member information packets, member newsletter, member surveys, and club policy and procedures documentation.
  • Creates the monthly newsletter.
  • Manages Membership Calendar
  • Attends monthly member meeting.


(2-3 Hours per month)

If you can balance a checkbook, this is something that you can do. We don’t need an accountant to do the job at hand.

The duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

  • Manages the club budget.
  • Maintains financial records of the group and keeps those records available
  • Deposits and disburses funds as directed/approved by the executive board and gives vouchers and receipts for any transaction. Reimbursements need to be approved by President.
  • Prepares and presents financial report to executive board at board meetings.
  • Prepares annual financial report for MOMS Club International.
  • Contacts and follows up with members about renewing and paying dues.
  • Reviews monthly newsletter.
  • Attends monthly member meeting.


(Not required to attend monthly board meetings)

Events Coordinator (1-2 hours a month)

  • Assist VP of Marketing in creating invitations, tracking RSVPs and promoting events

Social Media Coordinator (1-2 hours a month)

  • Keeps our social presence active and engaging! We have Facebook, IG, Pinterest, Twitter accounts that help keep our new and prospective member informed.

MOMS Night Out Coordinator (1-3 hours a month, including event): 

  • Arranges a monthly fun, kid-free evening activity for moms.

Big Sister (2-3 hours a month): 

  • Matches new members up with a more seasoned member.

Helping Hands Coordinator (1-2 hours a month): 

  • Organizes membership to provide support/assistance to members in need: new babies, emergencies, etc.

Playgroup Coordinator (1-2 hours a month): 

  • Coordinates MOMS Club of Newport Coast playgroups, OR provides guidelines, acts as primary contact for all playgroup leaders.