You made it to the Join Us page, which means you are interested in joining the MOMS’ Club of Newport Coast. Before you fill out the form and pay your dues we have three more things we’d like to share with you. 

First thing you need to know, MOMS’ Club of Newport Coast is a member driven club.  

What exactly does member driven mean? 

It means, while the Board helps coordinate the club’s activities, members initiate the events. We truly depend on our members to initiate and participate in the activities. It’s YOU that makes the chapter thrive.  

Next, making mom friends isn’t easy.

We know part of your interest in the club is making new friends. But we have to be honest with you. Making real connections with other moms doesn’t always happen easily. So please, don’t attend your first event and think since you didn’t have an immediate connection with someone, that our club isn’t right for you. Making meaningful connections takes time, effort (PARTICIPATION) and nurturing. So, stick with it – you might just make a mom friend that becomes a life-long friend.

Finally, our membership dues are $35 per year. The dues help to pay for the administrative costs of running the club. While we strive to host events that are affordable and accessible to all our members, from time to time we do offer higher value events that may require us to charge a fee. These fees are only used to cover the cost of the event.  

Prospective members may attend two activities or meetings before joining the club. 

We believe the MOMS’ Club of Newport Coast is a great way to get through this journey we call motherhood. Our chapters aim is to offer a chance for members to CONNECT, to share experiences, exchange ideas, build friendships and SUPPORT each other along the way.

If this sounds like the right place for you, click here and fill out the form.